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Current and Past Courses

Political Science 320Y - Modern Political Thought (University of Toronto, Winter 2022)

Political Science 330 – American Political Thought in Hemispheric Context (Williams College. Spring 2021)

Political Science 110 – Insurgency and Nation-Building in the Age of Revolutions (Northwestern University, Spring 2020)

Social Science 3581 – American Political Thought (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Spring 2020)

Teaching Positions

Assistant Professor - Department of Political Science, University of Toronto (2021- )

Gaius Charles Bolin Fellowship - Department of Political Science, Williams College (2020-2021)

Franke Graduate Fellowship – Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities, Northwestern University (2019-2020).

Lecturer – Department of Liberal Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, (2019-2020).

Pedagogical Training

Inclusive Teaching Roundtable Program, Williams College.

Northwestern University Teaching Certificate, Searle Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning

Graduate Teaching Committee Certificate, Northwestern University Department of Political Science

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